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2010: The Breakout Year for GEOINT

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In many others years, geospatial intelligence may have – pardon the pun – slipped under the radar; in fact, often that was the point.

But 2010 saw a renewed sense of mission for the once-unknown network of agencies, companies and technologies.

Or, as intelligence news and analysis webiste got geoint? wrote: “2010 seemed to be the year that the GEOINT sector as well as the use of location-based technologies for businesses and consumers really caught fire.”

And, to mark GEOINT’s breakout year, got geoint? ranked the top events in the geospatial intelligence world over the past year.

The highlights:

Letitia Long’s appointment as director of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

§  Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates appointed Long, who became the first woman to lead a U.S. intelligence agency, in August.

Gen. James Clapper appointed to director of national intelligence.

§  Clapper, who memorably proclaimed he was no “hood ornament,” was appointed to lead U.S. intelligence efforts in August. And, the new director has wasted little time, creating more budget authority for the DNI.

The National Reconnaissance Office launched the largest-ever satellite.

§  The launch of the NROL-41 in September capped a renewed sense of mission for the agency led by Bruce Carlson. “The real story is that NRO really caught its footing this year. The organization even opened its doors to the media,” got geoint writes.

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