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The Top Cybersecurity Stories in 2010

InformationWeek’s roster of the Top 10 Security Stories of 2010 reads like a Who’s Who – or, rather a What’s What – list of the biggest stories in all things cybersecurity. All the old favorites and even some 2010 upstarts were represented, from continuing debates about the federal government’s cybersecurity …

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Napolitano: Cybersecurity is Not a Battlefield

Some have characterized cybersecurity as a challenge for the private marketplace, and others have laid it squarely on the shoulders of the military, calling the efforts to secure cyberspace the latest battle frontier. But, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is having none of it. Speaking at a cybersecurity …

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State Dept. Creates Cybersecurity Post

When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the findings of a State Department review and laid out a new strategic vision for the agency, WikiLeaks, which published a trove of secret and, often, embarrassing diplomatic cables was the elephant in the room. So, it’s no surprise the State Department’s  reorganization …

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Cloud Coming to DoD?

Amid all the drama surrounding government funding, omnibus spending bills and continuing resolutions and, of course, the holidays last week, you might have missed the cybersecurity provisions that rounded out the lame duck session of Congress. Nextgov reports one of the measures included in the Defense Authorization Act was a …

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Busy Year for DHS with Few Bumps in Road

The Department of Homeland Security has had a busy year. But for DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, the efforts to secure national security don’t just belong in the halls of power in Washington, D.C. but in the town square as well. “Over the past year, our efforts have been guided by …

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Cyber Czar Takes on ‘Exaggerated’ Cyber Threat

2010 was a watershed year for cybersecurity. Cyber attacks and, even, talk of cyber war were on the rise. New terms entered our lexicon, such as WikiLeaks, Stuxnet, and some terms took on a new life: Anonymous, anyone? But, in an interview with Newsweek, Howard Schmidt, the White House cybersecurity …

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