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Cloud Coming to DoD?

Amid all the drama surrounding government funding, omnibus spending bills and continuing resolutions and, of course, the holidays last week, you might have missed the cybersecurity provisions that rounded out the lame duck session of Congress. Nextgov reports one of the measures included in the Defense Authorization Act was a …

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$78B Shortfall in DoD’s Five-Year Budget?

The Office of Management and Budget is directing the Defense Department to trim $78 billion from its budget over the next five years, according to a report on Defense News. The first cut will be $12 billion stripped from DoD’s 2012 budget. Beyond that, it’s not entirely certain how the …

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Federal Pay Freeze: A Lump of Coal for Feds?

After weeks of speculation, proposals and pushback, Congress approved the federal pay freeze Tuesday. The freeze affects most federal employees, many of whom are now circling Dec. 31, 2012 on their calendars – the date the freeze, which holds pay for civilian employees at 2010 levels, expires. President Barack Obama …

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