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Deputy Defense Sec’y Says Efficiencies are ‘Right Position’

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates’ plan for departmentwide efficiencies has weathered withering criticism from across the political spectrum and some quarters in the private sector. But, for Defense Secretary William J. Lynn, that indicates a job well done. “In Washington, if you get criticized from both sides, it usually means …

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House Armed Services Committee to Take up DoD Efficiencies

The new chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) isn’t wasting any time in exerting his oversight responsibilities. Following a number of housekeeping procedures last week, the committee will begin oversight hearings this week on the Defense Department efficiencies championed by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, …

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DoD Predictions for 2011

Most of the big issues facing the Defense Department in 2011 can be boiled down to one word: budget. A duo of defense experts talked to DoDBuzz about what to look for on the defense horizon for 2011 and mostly agreed that 2010 economic uncertainty and the political grandstanding surrounding …

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