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More DHS In-sourcing Coming?

The Department of Homeland Security recently finished reviewing about 100 service contracts, and the next step could be bringing some  positions in house through in-sourcing, according to a report in Federal Times. DHS also plans to review every existing and future contract. The contracts that have thus far been reviewed …

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TSA Debuts Generic, ‘Privacy-enhancing’ Body Scanners

Say goodbye to the “naked scanners.” The U.S. Transportation Security Administration announced it will begin testing new software for its advanced imaging technology machines that will eliminate passenger-specific images in favor of detecting potential threat items on a generic outline of a person. TSA Administrator John Pistole, who made the …

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DHS to End Color-coded Warning System

In an address last week, Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano announced the agency would end the color-coded terrorist alert system later this year. Instead, the department’s new plan can be summed up under the theme: The government can’t do it alone. “This means that the days are numbered for …

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