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In New First, Clapper Releases $55B Intelligence Budget

In Washington, the launch of a budget request is hardly an unprecedented act. But it is when the official disclosing the budget is the director of national intelligence and the figures being released pertain to a budget, once under lock and key. The release of the $55 billion budget, required …

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Senate Confirms ODNI Deputy; Obama Appoints New Intel CIO

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has a new No. 2, to report directly to the intel agency’s director, Gen. James Clapper. The Senate confirmed last week ODNI’s pick, Stephanie O’Sullivan, as principle deputy. She will hold the second-highest position in the Intelligence Community. In addition to her …

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3 Things You Should Know about the Intelligence Budget

The budget for the nation’s myriad of intelligence activities is bucking the historical trend in three important ways. First, unlike overall defense spending, which is expected to flat-line or decline in the coming years, the intelligence budget, which has doubled in the past 10 years, is growing and will likely …

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Intelligence Officials Expect ‘Belt Tightening’

An array of intelligence officials warned of the possibility of increased budget trimming across the Intelligence Community, even as the threat landscape continues to change, with everything from the national debt to cybersecurity posing potential hazards. “We all understand that we’re going to be in for some belt tightening,” Director …

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