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Like Technology, Government Shutdowns Evolve

The last time a government shutdown happened was in 1995. It was a different era technologically back then. Laptops were clunky, barely-mobile devices. No Wi-Fi. No smartphones. No WikiLeaks. If you need any indication of how rapidly the world of technology has changed, look no further than the nation’s chief …

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Clinton Names NSC Official to Head State’s Cyber Efforts

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced in a Washington speech on global Internet freedom Tuesday that former National Security Council Director Christopher Painter will head the department’s new cybersecurity post. Clinton’s announcement came in a broad speech on Internet freedom, coming against the backdrop of “citizens using social networking sites …

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DISA’s Solutions for DoD’s Cloud Conundrum

Despite all the talk of cloud computing in the federal sector and, more important, action on cloud computing, security questions have threatened to overwhelm the government’s “cloud-first” policy with question marks. While cloud has promised to “free” data, making it easier to use, share and collaborate, how feasible is cloud …

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