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GSA Fields Questions on Communicating with Contractors

Mary Davie, GSA; Photo: GSA.gov

Mary Davie’s resume states she is the General Services Administration’s assistant commissioner for Integrated Technology Services.

But, she could also be called a couples’ counselor, of sorts.

One of the main bullet points to come out of the government’s plans for reforming IT management and acquisition was improving communication between federal procurement officials and the private companies they do business with.

GSA is playing a role in facilitating better communication between the two, Davie said.

In remarks at the Federal Networks conference this week, she said the agency has fielded many questions about increasing communication and information sharing between the public and private sectors.

“What would federal agencies need?” she said, according to a Federal News Radio report. “What would benefit the industry? And what kind of platform would enable that communication so that we can improve communication during the process, get better requirements and have that information put in to requirements, documents and solicitations … throughout the acquisition process.”

“We need communication,” said Office of Federal Procurement Policy Administrator Dan Gordon, who has been instrumental in the government’s “myth-busting” campaign, which aims to dispel falsehoods about when and how government and industry can communicate during the procurement process. “We need it early, and we need it often.”

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