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Kundra: Leveraging Employee-owned Mobile Devices a ‘Megashift’ in Fed IT

Federal CIO Vivek Kundra, Photo: omb.gov

The prevalence of mobile devices, especially among federal workers, could be the next step in decentralizing agency-level IT departments, allowing the government’s technology to be deployed more nimbly, the nation’s chief information officer said at a tech conference last week.

The overarching consumerization of IT represents a “megashift” in how federal IT departments provision technology, especially for the use of mobile devices, said federal CIO Vivek Kundra.

“What if the government moved to a model where we would give every employee a subsidy of $2,000 … and disintermediated the centralized IT departments,” Kundra said, according to a FierceGovernmentIT report.

The revised stance toward mobile devices is a continuing step away from asset ownership in favor of service provisioning, similar to how cloud computing, which Kundra has also championed, reduces software and architecture, FierceGovernmentIT reports.

Security concerns are the biggest stumbling blocks, so far, Kundra said. But, with virtualized operating environments accessible to federal employees though their personal mobile devices, IT shops could focus more on scalable approaches to securing data, he said.

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