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Open Government Efforts Receive Mixed Grade

The lofty aim of open government and government transparency, a rhetorical hallmark of the Obama White House, is getting some not-so-kind reviews two years in. The mid-term evaluation and reflection comes as a confluence of factors come to a head: congressional oversight hearings, two investigative reports and a government watchdog …

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New Deputy CTO Says He Will Use Tech ‘Bully Pulpit’

Chris Vein, the newly appointed deputy chief technology officer for government innovation, delivered his first public remarks since joining the White House’s tech team late last month and provided a few hints into what to look for. TechPresident reports Vein, previously CTO of San Francisco city and county, didn’t dwell …

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Social Media Could be Key to Open Gov, Higher Poll Numbers

The Obama administration has made open government, through the use of technology and innovation, one of its high-profile goals. And, recent poll numbers suggest there is a clear-cut strategic and political impetus for conducting government out in the open, so to speak. Fast Company reports on a recent Pew research …

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