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Clapper Calls for ‘Integrated Defense’ of Sensitive Intel

DNI James Clapper, Photo: dni.gov

Director of National Security James Clapper has issued a directive calling for an “integrated defense” of intelligence information and systems, reports Stephen Aftergood, who writes for the Federation of American Scientists Secrecy blog.

Although each of the 16 agencies that make up the Intelligence Community already has its own procedures for safeguarding sensitive information, Clapper’s latest directive spells a “more coordinated and consistent approach,” Aftergood writes, and it’s likely that high-profile disclosures a la WikiLeaks have blackened the eye of the intelligence apparatus.

According to the directive, integrated defense includes oversight, management and response within the IC, as well as in coordination with the federal government and agencies.

“Integrated defense is essential to both information sharing and to the protection of sources and methods from unauthorized disclosure,” the directive states.

The assistant director of national intelligence and the IC’s chief information officer will spearhead the IC’s efforts, the directive states. Priscilla Guthrie, who last served as IC CIO, resigned in November and with no permanent replacement yet, the post is currently filled by Guthrie’s deputy.

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