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DHS Wants Input on Regulations

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, Photo: dhs.gov

In an essential step in the administration’s effort to root out and repeal outdated and, often, onerous regulations, the Department of Homeland Security published Monday a notice in the Federal Register, seeking comments on its regulations.

“We are committed to continuing to increase efficiency, transparency and accountability in the regulatory process,” said Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in a statement on the DHS blog. “I look forward to working with the American people and the business community to determine how DHS regulations can best serve the interests of the public.”

Along with the traditional notice in the Federal Register, DHS is using IdeaScale, a web-based forum and public-dialogue tool, so that the public and industry can share their thoughts on DHS regulations.

President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order in January mandating federal agencies  submit a plan by May for reviewing regulations and recommending whether they should be modified or streamlined.

Last month, the Defense Department issued a public notice in the Federal Register, querying members of the defense industry on the department’s regs.

The notice was an acknowledgment from the Pentagon that “some of its mandates, reporting requirements and other acquisition practices encourage industry to adopt processes and make investments that increase costs, especially overhead costs, but do not contribute to value added in systems and services delivered to the department,” according to the notice.

To comment on DHS regulations through Federal Register, click here. To submit comments via IdeaScale, click here.

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