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GSA’s Mary Davie Takes on Cloud Computing Myths

Mary Davie, GSA; Photo: GSA

The General Services Administration’s Mary Davie has some real talk about cloud computing.

On her GSA blog, Davie, the assistant commissioner in GSA’s Office of Integrated Technology Services takes on some of the biggest cloud-computing myths.

GSA became a cloud pioneer in December when it became the first federal agency to enter the brave new world of cloud computing. Her blog post comes in “same spirit of myth busting,” which has characterized the government’s attempts to debunk misconceptions about communicating with contractors, she wrote.

Some of the most rampant myths center around cloud security.

For one, not all clouds are created equal, and despite all the hand wringing, agencies can ensure effective security controls are put in place. In fact, it often boils down to communicating with vendors, because commercial off-the-shelf security terms are negotiable, she said.

“Open communication with industry can help agencies define their unique requirements as well as a little help from the cloud experts at GSA,” she wrote.

Davie concludes her myth-busting post with some simple facts.

“We’ve all received our cloud marching orders, but OMB mandates are not the only reason to move forward … Cloud computing will enable a more efficient, sustainable and effective government for the American people,” she wrote.

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