White House Science Office Gets New Deputy CTO for Internet Policy

Image: Juan Fuertes

There’s another new face at the White House Office of Science and Technology’s policy shop, which saw two major departures in the last few months.

Daniel Weitzner, a Commerce Department official, is expected to be named deputy chief technology officer for Internet policy, a spot previously held by Andrew McLaughlin.

GovFresh reported last week an OSTP representative had confirmed the pick, but it has not yet been formally announced.

At OSTP, Weitzner will join two other deputy CTOs, recently appointed Chris Vein, who focuses on innovation and Scott Deutchman, who focuses on telecommunications policy. All three will work under federal CTO Aneesh Chopra.

GovFresh called Weitzner’s background in Internet policy “deep and interesting.” And his lengthy, substantive resume would seem to back that up.

Weitzner is currently a policy administrator for Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration, where he advocated for the creation of a privacy office, GovFresh reported.

Before that, he created the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s CSAIL Decentralized Information Group, was the policy director of the World Wide Web Consortium and co-founded the Center for Democracy and Technology.

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