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NSA Deputy Director: Agency Has Unique Approach to Bolstering Management

NSA Deputy Director Chris Inglis, Photo: nsa.gov

Chris Inglis, deputy director of the National Security Agency, said like most other government agencies the most experienced and technically proficient employee is usually next in line for the promotion.

“Everyone has the capacity to be a good manager and a good leader, but whether they like it is a different story,” Inglis, the agency’s top civilian leader, said during the keynote speech of the Federal Senior Management Conference on Sunday. “We have to figure out what makes them happiest as employees.”

And that’s what makes NSA different, Inglis said, Federal News Radio reports.

Along with mentoring new managers and training sessions, NSA is successful at managing and leading because the agency looks to a variety of different sources, Inglis added.

“There are things that are unique to our business you can expect, perhaps crypto mathematics or particular deep expertise, we will do a lot of that in house,” he explained. “There are other skills, whether leadership or management or broad aspects of language training, that the private sector is very good at and we will leverage their skills as well.”

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