OPM Makes ‘Dramatic Progress’ in Federal Hiring; Average Hiring Time Slashed by 15 Percent

OPM Director John Berry, Photo: OPM.gov

Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry said the federal government has made dramatic progress in modernizing federal hiring over the past year.

Speaking at a panel discussion at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Berry said the Hiring Reform Initiative, which launched in May of last year, has helped to bring about the change.

“This progress reflects an aggressive, innovative approach to implementation,” he said. “Our governmentwide efforts will ensure that we build and maintain the modern hiring system we need to attract the next wave of the best and brightest Americans to federal employment.”

Since the launch of the hiring initiative last year, OPM has held more than 300 training sessions across the country, OPM said. Overall the efforts have led to more hiring based on resumes and cover letters, more choices for hiring managers and job descriptions that are more concise and relatively free of jargon.

But the biggest indicator of success may be time. OPM has helped slash hiring time by 15 percent to a government average of 105 days, Berry said.

“These are major accomplishments, but we’re not done yet,” he added. “OPM will continue to be the champion of the frustrated applicant and federal manager.”

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