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White House Pushes Back against Intel Bill with ‘Unrealistic’ Insider-threat Deadlines

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The House is set to vote this week on an intelligence authorization bill that the White House says imposes unrealistic deadlines on the intelligence community in an  “insider-threat” detection program.

According to the bill, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence would be required to have such detection systems at least partially operational by October 2012 and fully operational by October 2013, according to a Nextgov report.

The bill aims to combat so-called insider threats, such as alleged WikiLeak-er Pfc. Bradley Manning, who is accused of downloading and disseminating secret information.

But the White House contends the deadlines for creating a detection system are not realistic.

“The administration is concerned with the unrealistic timelines required by this provision for the program’s operational readiness, and strongly requests that the provision be amended to grant the DNI flexibility in implementation timelines of the program,” a statement of administrative policy notes.

According to Nextgov, the administration also opposes the bill because it strips $200 million of already-appropriated funds from “critical” intelligence activities.

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