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Bill Creating Streamlined, Online Federal Spending Tracking Introduced in Senate

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After being introduced in the House last week, a streamlined approach to collect information on federal spending and post it online is now getting a debut in the Senate.

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) introduced legislation Friday, which mirrors a bill introduced earlier in the week by Darrell Issa‘s (R-Calif.), creating a single, online storing-house for federal spending data — including data on contracts, loans, grants and agencies’ internal spending

The Digital Accountability and Transparency Act — the moniker for both proposals — would create a Federal Accountability and Spending Transparency Board, which, FierceGovernmentIT reports, mimics the board created to monitor funding from the 2009 Recovery Act.

The White House is also in on the act. President Barack Obama penned an executive order last week calling for a transparency board building on “the lessons learned from the successful implementation of the Recovery Act.”

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  1. This bill creates a whole host of problems even though it sound good. This link provides a great analysis. http://www.fiercegovernment.com/story/permanent-recovery-board-not-road-greater-transparency-and-oversight/2011-06-21

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