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DoD Studies Impact of Reservists on Civilian Workforce

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Defense Department officials have put out the word. They want input from civilian employers about the impact of reservists and National Guardsmen on the civilian workforce.

DoD’s National Survey of Employers — a first-of- its-kind initiative — was launched in March and aims to pinpoint how the increasing use of reserve forces over the past 10 years of war affected employers.

“Officials are encouraging all survey recipients who have not yet submitted their responses to do so today to ensure the study captures reliable results,” said Beth Sherman, a spokeswoman for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, a DoD agency.

“Based on scheduled follow-up calls to employers invited to participate, the department learned a large portion of employers wanted to complete the survey via hard copy, versus participating online,” Sherman said.

Pentagon officials initially contacted some 80,000 employers nationwide during March and April “to gain insight into the benefits and challenges of employing members of the guard and reserves,” according to an American Forces Press Service report. The deadline for hard-copy and online survey responses is July 6.

“As surveys continue coming in, the feedback equips DoD to build on the success of the past and chart a mutually beneficial course for the future,” Sherman said.

The survey is available on the ESGR website.

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