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Industry Groups Want Changes to FAR Rules to Include Room for Public Comments

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A number of government-contracting trade organizations say the government often makes changes to federal procurement regulations without including adequate public comment, according to a recent Federal Times report.

For example, the Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council has issued several interim rules over the past few months, which allows the Federal Acquisition Regulation to be changed immediately without taking into account a period for public comment, Federal Times found.

The collection of trade associations, which includes the Professional Services Council, TechAmerica, among others, penned a letter to Administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy Dan Gordon, contending that interim rules should only be used in “urgent and compelling” circumstances.

As evidence that interim rules are issued without justification, the groups cite a recent change to the Federal Acquisition Regulation requiring new agency contracts to “go green,” by mandating energy-efficient products and services on 95 percent of new contracts. That change to the FAR was published as an interim rule, without public comment.

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