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Report: Proposed Rule to ‘Level Playing Field’ of Contract Schedules

Image: Peter Baxter

A proposed rule to the Federal Acquisition Regulations aims to level the playing field for contracting companies without a GSA schedule, according to a Washington Business Journal report.

The proposed rule was introduced by the Defense Department, NASA and the General Services Administration.

Currently, agencies are encouraged to consider GSA-managed contracts for goods and services, but the proposal would place both GSA schedules and commercial sources, essentially, on the same playing field.

What does it all mean?

“It seems that this rule attempts to place schedule contracts … on an equal playing field with other vehicles — including governmentwide acquisition contracts offered through other agencies,” Jill Aitoro of WBJ reports.

But it’s still uncertain whether the proposed regulation will really mean that much of a change. While agencies are supposed to give priority to GSA schedules, they are also able to look outside of them for more economical procurement.

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