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Government Agencies to Customize FedRAMP

Photo: GSA, earthinpictures.com

The General Services Administration is about to debut FedRAMP, a cybersecurity standard meant for government agencies to help provide risk assessments and cybersecurity evaluations. FedRAMP would also provide agencies with low-to-moderate impact cloud services.

At a recent AFCEA Bethesda event in Washington, D.C., Director of the Portfolio Management division at GSA Bill Lewis said agencies will customize their own version of FedRAMP. According to FierceGovernmentIT.com, agencies are having trouble acquiring cloud services that fit their requirements within a certain time frame.

“In the absence of any MOUs or any agreements within the department or with external vendors, our problem is that the certification and accreditation is extremely lengthy,” said Jaspal Sagoo, chief technology officer at the Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention.

Lewis said whether it’s through education around broader contracts or new acquisition vehicles, the time it takes to procure a cloud solution needs to improve. He also noted a government task force to address this issue is likely to emerge in the coming months.

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