GSA Soon to Charge Employees for Parking

Effective Aug. 1, the General Services Administration will charge its employees for parking at federal office buildings and GSA-leased buildings in the National Capital Region.

The GSA announced the new policy in a memo sent to all GSA employees. Federal News Radio reports that information on pricing and payment will be sent out in the next few weeks..

“The GSA recognizes that it has a responsibility to increase the sustainability of the Federal government and can do so by reducing the environmental impact of the green house gas emissions we generate,” the memo says. “One way we can do that is by reducing incentives such as free parking. Charging for parking is commensurate with common private sector practice.”

Employees will not lose their parking space Aug. 1 and space assignments will not change. Employees can opt-out of parking if they do not want to pay for it.

The memo encourages employees to use telework and public transportation.

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