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NASA Admin: Human Spaceflight Goes On

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden (photo: Bill Ingalls)

The final Space Shuttle mission is not the end of human spaceflight, according to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.

Bolden wrote a guest column Sunday in the Orlando Sentinel, addressing the future direction of NASA’s human spaceflight mission. Bolden said NASA is working on a crew capsule that can send astronauts to new destinations such as asteroids, with a target date of 2025.

A manned mission to Mars is planned for the 2030s, with NASA looking at options for the heavy-lift rockets needed to reach the new destinations.

“At NASA, we do big things — things that inspire all of humankind,” Bolden wrote. “We will continue to be the innovators of tomorrow. The next era of exploration begins today.”

American astronauts will continue to live, work and conduct research in the International Space Station until 2020.

Click here to read the full column.

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