Survey Finds Generational Divide in Fed Workforce

Federal employees of all ages are willing to learn from each other, but a generational rift still exists, according to a survey conducted by Federal News Radio.

Federal News Radio surveyed more than 850 federal employees between July 11-20, with 27 percent of respondents being under the age of 35. Workers with more than 20 years of experience made up for 43 percent of respondents.

More than 76 percent of respondents 34 and younger said they could learn from colleagues who have been in the government for more than a decade. Of respondents 35 and older, 40 percent said they could learn a lot from their younger colleagues. However, only 7.8 percent of older respondents said younger employees have the skills to work effectively.

“They do not know how to communicate person to person, only machine to machine,” one respondent said.

Click here to read the full survey. All respondents answered questions 1-4 and 19. Workers under 35 years old answered questions 5-18 and workers 35 and older answered questions 20-25.

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