VA Makes Effort to Enhance Women Veterans Healthcare Services

Eric Shinseki, VA

The Department of Veterans Affairs is making an effort to provide enhanced healthcare services to women veterans. The VA will be collecting their input to customize care for thousands of women vets.

Representatives at the department’s Health Resource Center are reaching out to the vets nationwide and asking them about their experiences with the VA. The center is looking for suggestions and ideas on what would make for better healthcare.

“We are seeking the input of women veterans so that the VA can continue to provide high-quality healthcare to the growing numbers of women veterans,” said Eric K. Shinseki, secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Of the veteran population, the fastest-growing group is women. Of the 22.7 million total living veterans, roughly 1.8 million are women. HRC, which started placing calls to the women veterans June 1, found out many were enrolled but had not used VA services.

“We want these veterans and their caregivers to talk candidly about why they are not using VA, whether they are aware of the gender-specific services we offer, and what additional services they would like to see the VA offer,” said Patricia Hayes, chief consultant of the VA’s Women’s Veterans Strategic Health Care Group.

WVHC has made changes to its program in the last few year, including providing mental health and homelessness services, conducting research on the effects of military services on women’s lives and implementing comprehensive primary care for women veterans.

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