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Agencies Should Encourage Public Feedback in Open Gov Plans, Report Says

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Federal agencies need to do more to encourage public participation and measure the impact of public participation on agency decisions, an industry report says.

The IBM Center for the Business of Government released its 70-page report Monday, reviewing federal agency plans for open government.

Most agency plans did not fully meet the standards conducive to high-quality participation, the report said. In many cases, agencies did not offer standards for what constitutes high-quality participation.

“While some agencies do include commitments to establish more robust measurements for participation, few plans include indicators that would measure meaningful progress toward becoming more participatory,” the report said.

The authors recommend agencies publish and update standards on a regular basis. Employees and the public can use them to evaluate the impact of public participation, the authors said.

The authors also recommended agencies establish policies to link every public participation initiative to actual planning, policies and program development.

Click here to read the full report.

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