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FAA Dispute Not Over Yet

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The partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration ended last week, but the dispute that precipitated it is carrying on and could continue past the deadline.

The Hill reports the temporary extension Congress passed to re-open FAA only funds the agency through Sept. 16.

The House and Senate disagree on the length of a long-term extension bill and how much the bill should cost. The primary point of contention is a provision that would undo rules making it easier for transportation workers to unionize.

The current extension is the 21st temporary bill Congress has passed since FAA’s long-term operating authority expired in 2007.

“No one should be lulled into believing that because the system stayed safe and travelers weren’t affected that this didn’t have an impact,” Airports Council International-North America President Greg Principato said according to The Hill. “This was destructive and this had an impact.”

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