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FOIA Backlogs Still Issue, DOJ Says

Half of all cabinet departments have made little to no progress in reducing backlog of Freedom of Information requests within the past fiscal year, a Justice Department assessment says.

According to FierceGovernment, the Office of Information Policy scored departments on a scale of one-to-five and assigned a traffic light color based on that number.

The Labor Department had the most scores below green because it did not make an increase in disclosures and it did not improve or upgrade its IT systems.

The Interior Department had green scores in all categories, making it the only department to do so.

Main Justice reports the Senate passed legislation Monday aiming to improve the process behind FOIA requests. The legislation would establish a panel to look into agency backlogs, analyze the hurdles facing requests and send recommendations to Congress and federal agencies after one year.

The legislation likely will not be considered in the House until after the August recess.

Click here to see the full OIP assessment.

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