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Military Retirement Remaining Status Quo

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The 20-year military retirement system will not change in the near future, Defense Department officials said.

AFPS reports Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told troops in Afghanistan July 31 there was no immediate plan to affect retirement.

A small group of Defense Business Board members released a proposal July 21 outlining changes to the military retirement system, in an effort to aid the department’s efficiency initiatives.

A corporate-style program would replace the current system and all troops would receive yearly contributions, regardless of whether they stay 20 years.

The full board approved the group’s recommendations and the group will issue a final report by the end of the month.

“Any recommendation to change the military retirement system must be approached with thoughtful analysis, to include considerations of impacts to recruiting and retention,” Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Lainez said.

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    GI’s and NASA employees have been very, very stupid voters. Now enjoy the abortion-free, tax cuts while you go on welfare!!!

    Oh yea, are you Socialist yet? You will be 🙂 lol hahaha! Right after they steal your retirement. hahaha!

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  2. After all they’ve been through,,,,,,,,Really?????

    How is changing plans for current personnel not fraud? To bait people to reenlist for several more years to fight in our longest war in hopes of getting to retirement and then switching the plan? How is preaching something as gospel that is apparently subject to change at any moment not dishonest? Everybody currently serving was promised the current plan and would most likely have found careers elsewhere be it not true

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