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Relief Fund Created for Furloughed FAA Workers

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Federal Aviation Administration workers furloughed as a result of a partial agency shutdown now have a relief fund to draw from while off the job, the FAA Managers Association announced Wednesday.

The Hill reports the 4,000 workers have been off the job for nearly two weeks since Congress failed to agree on a funding bill for the agency. Safety inspectors, among other workers, have been working without pay and traveling to work without reimbursement.

FAAMA President David Conley said other federal employees can make donations into the furlough relief fund.

“The creation of this fund is actually in response to appeals from our members who want to help their colleagues through this difficult time,” Conley said.

National Journal reports the FAA has issued stop-work orders for 200 construction projects at airports around the country. Air traffic controllers are considered essential personnel and are paid from a different source.

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