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Terry Milholland

IRS CIO Terry Milholland

Terry Milholland is chief technology officer for the Internal Revenue Service, a position he has held since Nov. 2008.

As CTO, Milholland is responsible for all aspects of the system that operates the nation’s tax infrastructure. He oversees a 7,000-person organization that maintains over 400 systems, which enable the processing of over 200 million tax returns.

Previously, Milholland was the executive vice president and CTO at Visa International for two years, nine months. Prior to that, he was both CTO and chief information officer at Electronic Data Systems for four years, eight months (by Debra ). Milholland was Boeing’s CIO from 1978-1999.

Milholland holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Maryland and a masters in computer science from George Washington University.

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  1. Hi Terry,

    I hope that you are the same guy that was my mentor at Boeing. I wondered where you were. I think that you are the same person, if not then I apologize. Otherwise I have a gift for you.

    Dr. Jessie Burns,

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