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Body Armor Testing Improving, Army Says

DoD photo: Lance Cpl. Robert R. Carrasco

The Army is implementing recommendations made by the Department of Defense Inspector General to improve testing and performance of soldier-worn body armor, Armed with Science reported Tuesday.

In August, the inspector general found the Army improperly tested bullet-blocking plates and could not determine if 5 million plates met safety standards.

The inspector general recommended, among other actions, the Army implement a uniform set of standards, protocols and procedures for body-armor testing, create databases to compile information, conduct altitude and weather tests and perform risk assessments.

Lt. Gen. Bill Phillips, military deputy to the assistant Army secretary for acquisition, logistics and technology, said the Army is implementing all of the inspector general’s recommendations and will complete implementation by October.

“There’s nothing that’s more important to Army acquisition and to our Army than soldier protection and soldier safety,” Phillips said. “It is so important that we make sure to give our soldiers the best equipment we can.”

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