FEMA Changes Disaster Relief Outlook, Says Funds Stretching Out

FEMA photo

During the recent budget showdown, the Federal Emergency Management Agency warned its disaster relief funds would run out either Tuesday or Wednesday if the government funding bill was not passed.

The Senate approved a measure Monday, with the House scheduled to vote Thursday.

However, FEMA changed its outlook Monday, saying it could stretch out its relief funds for a few more days.

The disaster relief fund rose to about $175 million on Tuesday from about $114 million the previous day, FEMA said, citing fluctuating as the reason for the change.

“Without these recoveries, coupled with lower than expected registrations for disaster assistance over the weekend, FEMA would have run out of disaster funding this week, forcing us to begin shutting down disaster response operations,” Rachel Racusen, FEMA spokeswoman, said.

That explanation did not satisfy some Republicans, who accused FEMA and the Obama administration of inventing a crisis.

“The American people and each of us should be outraged by this recurring game being foisted upon us by an administration that believes there is no difference between telling the truth and telling a lie when it suits their purposes,” Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.) said in a statement.

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