GOP Lawmakers Ask WH for LightSquared Contacts

White House photo

The House Science Committee has asked the White House to turn over all documents related to contact with telecommunications company LightSquared, who is seeking to build a national 4G wireless network.

On Tuesday, Chairman Ralph Hall (R-Texas) and six Republican committee members sent a letter to the Office of Budget and Management and a letter to the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

The Federal Communications Commission gave initial approval to build the network, but tests earlier this year showed LightSquared’s network interferes with GPS devices.

The FCC has said it will hold off on giving final approval until more testing is complete.

According to The Daily Beast, White House officials may have pressured officials to change testimony to make it more favorable to LightSquared. Company founder Philip Falcone frequently donates to Democratic campaigns.

“Sugarcoating testimony over critical matters that include the lives of Americans is irresponsible, and inevitably raises questions about the Administration’s priorities,” the lawmakers wrote.

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