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House Panel Hears Concerns Over Proposed 4G Network

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The proposed LightSquared network, a broadband wireless network integrated with satellite coverage, has raised concerns that it interferes with devices using the Global Positioning System.

The House Science Committee held a public hearing Thursday to examine the issue, hearing testimony from officials from the Transportation Department, NASA and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration.

According to Bloomberg, officials were prepared to tell the committee the proposed network may impact services relying on GPS, such as hurricane tracking and building flood defenses.

“Any potential disruption to GPS, and the science activities that it supports, is of utmost concern to this committee,” Chairman Ralph Hall (R-Texas) said. “We have to find a way to open up more spectrum for broadband, but not at the expense of GPS.”

The Federal Communications Commission gave LightSquared conditional approval to build the network, but agreed to re-investigate the proposal after reports surfaced of GPS interference.

Click here to watch the full hearing.

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