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New Federal IT Fellowship to Expand Work with Private Sector, Boost Hiring

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The federal government will soon initiate the Technology Fellows Program, fulfilling one of former federal chief information officer Vivek Kundra’s 25 objectives in his December 2010 federal IT reform plan to develop such a fellowship within a year.

Current federal CIO Steven VanRoekel announced the program in a White House blog post.

The program will be a spin-off of the 34-year old Presidential Management Fellows Program and enable young professionals to actively participate in rotation assignments and help manage the government’s large and complex IT programs.

“The program will provide young, talented graduates who are interested in technology with a place in the very prestigious Presidential Management Fellows program, which is highly regarded across agencies as a terrific source to hire and train future managers and leaders,” said Dan Chenok, senior fellow at IBM’s Center for the Business of Government, to CRM Buyer.

The fellowship aims to improve the federal government’s talent pool of IT professionals who can ween agencies off of reliance on inefficient processes. These processes include aversion to tapping the commercial market and not standardizing and integrating IT solutions across different agencies.

“I think we are making progress to counter the reluctance of federal IT personnel to engage with the private sector and to address some of these other deficiencies,” Lisa Schlosser, deputy administrator of the Office of Management and Budget’s office of e-government, told CRM Buyer. “The best way to avoid passing on the shortcomings is to reduce them in the first place with the reform program.”

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