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OFPP Clarifies ‘Inherently Governmental’ Function Rules

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One year after issuing initial guidance to federal agencies on jobs set aside for federal workers, the Office of Federal Procurement Policy has finalized its guidelines on work that must be done by federal workers.

OFPP issued its final guidance, effective Oct. 12. in Monday’s Federal Register.

The new guidelines define and clarify which government functions are “inherently governmental” and which functions are closely associated with inherently governmental functions.

OFPP said jobs reserved to be done by federal officials are those related to:

  • Combat
  • Security operations in certain situations connected with combat or potential combat
  • Determination of an offer’s price reasonableness
  • Final determinations about a contractor’s performance, including approving award fee determinations or past performance evaluations and taking action based on those evaluations
  • Selection of grant and cooperative agreement recipients

Click here to read the full, finalized guidelines.

selection of grant and cooperative
agreement recipients

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