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Task Force to Address Supervision Issues within Federal Workforce

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The National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations is sponsoring a task force who recommends more supervision in the federal workforce.

The Energy Department’s Chief Human Capital Officer Mike Kane is helping to lead the task force which includes human resource officials, union representatives and employee association leaders.

“This proposal says we’re going to place this inside the West Wing of the White House, through the President’s Management Council, down to secretarial officers, that the health and well-being of federal employee performance is a key accountability factor for the key cabinet appointee, and that’s what’s going to make the difference,” said Kane to Federal News Radio.

There are five key recommendations for the framework which include requiring agencies to define their priorities and expectations for employees and managers would be required to review worker’ performance four times a year.

Agencies would also align employees’ work goals with the agency’s performance and make all levels of managers accountable for employee performance.

The Energy Department has implemented some of the framework’s ideas while the Labor-Management Council is currently reviewing the plan.

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