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White House Says Obama Will Send Jobs Bill to Congress Today

White House photo: Chuck Kennedy

President Barack Obama will send his recently-announced American Jobs Act to Congress on Monday evening, according to a White House official.

Obama “will call on Congress to pass the bill, which contains the kinds of proposals to grow the economy and create jobs that have been supported by both parties,” the official said.

Obama presented the legislation to a joint session of Congress Thursday and began campaigning to generate public support for its passage in Richmond, Va. Friday.

Obama has trips to Ohio and North Carolina scheduled for later this week.

On Monday, Obama held an event in the Rose Garden of the White House where he was joined by “people from across the country who would benefit from the American Jobs Act, including teachers, police officers, firefighters, construction workers, small business owners and veterans,” according to the official.

Tax cuts for working Americans and small businesses make up more than half of the plan, which also includes infrastructure spending initiatives and other expenditures.

Proposed tax cuts include payroll tax reductions and incentives to hire veterans and the long-term unemployed.

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