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Former Defense No. 2 William Lynn Honored in Retirement Ceremony

William Lynn

William Lynn, the former deputy defense secretary, was honored by the Defense Department for his service to the country during a ceremony earlier this week.

“We really are thankful for his service to this department,” said current defense secretary Leon Panetta. “I’m personally thankful for the service he gave me as deputy.”

Lynn was President Obama’s choice for the deputy position back in January of 2009. Lynn also was a primary figure in efforts to trim the budget.

Lynn also was an undersecretary of defense during the Clinton Administration.

Panetta cited Lynn’s key role in shaping policies, adding Lynn helped the Pentagon handle tough issues.

“He was a person who was at the center, who helped shape the department’s approach to all of the key challenges that it faced,” he said. “And Bill’s service really coincided with an era of enormous consequence for our country, and for our military.”

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