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Top Air Force Official Urges Service to Embrace Social Media

A top Air Force official, who spoke at the recent AFCEA event, urged the service to embrace social networking communications.

Brig. Gen. Bob Ranck, director of warfighter systems integration, Air Force CIO/A6, told FCW.com, that currently, the Air Force designs individual aircraft to communicate with individual aircraft and individual populations.

“We ought to be designing a network so that information is not passed from one person to another, but published and subscribed,” he said. “When you publish and subscribe the information, the guys that need it can pick it up and can do the individual call if they need to.”

The director spoke of the need to adopt new methods of communication and said the Air Force is working to overcome cultural barriers of two generations.

“Fast forward to the director of warfighting systems integration, with one foot in the obsolete world, and one foot in the IT world, recognizing that I’m a digital immigrant and the people I’m building requirements for… are people who expect more than second-generation communications in a fifth-generation aircraft,” he said to FCW.com.

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