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U.S. Wireless Industry Approves New Billing Rules, FCC Considered New Rules

Photo: Vadim Grinco

In an effort to eliminate unexpected charges, the wireless industry will be adhering to improved changes in its billing system.

According to a report by Reuters, CTIA, the wireless trade association, will announce new guidelines Monday afternoon requiring companies to notify customers when they near and reach monthly limits on voice, text and data services, and before they incur international roaming charges.

The Federal Communications Commission had considered implementing its own policy if changes did not occur.

“Consistent with the FCC’s ongoing efforts, these actions harness technology to empower consumers, and ensure consumers get a fair shake, not bill shock,” FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said in a statement.

CTIA represents about 97 percent of wireless companies. FCC surveys identified that one in six mobile phone users had experienced “bill shock” from fees on their monthly statement.

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