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DHS Looking to Place Returning Vets at SW Border

Excess equipment and personnel may be a new resource to the Department of Homeland Security for stateside border control, according to a NextGov report.

Customs and Border Protection is seeing the influx of returning veterans as an opportunity to place additional personnel at the southwest border.

However timely it may be, a House subcommittee also asked for the DHS and Defense Department to draw out ideas they may have in adapting military systems for border control.

However, “transitioning technology from the battlefield to the border is not simply plug and play,” said Adam Cox, acting deputy director for DHS’ advanced research projects agency, as reported by NextGov.

The DHS indicated that some systems would need additional engineering and staffing to find a place in DHS’ daily operations. Mark Borkowski, assistant commissioner for the CBP’s technology innovation and acquisition office, gave a specific example of this.

“The difficulty comes when I bring in a DoD system that I have to plug into my command-and-control system,” said Borkowski.

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.), a member of the House Homeland Security Committee’s border security subpanel, said that “there’s an opportunity there to hire already trained Pentagon personnel to run these systems.

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