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Feds Release Another Road Map to Speed Cloud Migration

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The federal government released a draft roadmap aiming to accelerate federal agencies’ cloud adoption earlier this week.

The draft aims to support the technology industry’s cloud services development and defines standards, requirements and a plan of action to meet the specified standards.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Office of Management and Budget, and the inter-agency Federal Cloud Computing Standards and Technology Working Group together compiled a draft defining the top government priorities for cloud standards, which include developing a standard cloud vocabulary, finalizing cloud taxonomy and creating consistent policy for service level agreements and related terms.

“Our goal is to make it substantially easier to buy, sell, interconnect, and use cloud environments in the government,” NIST director Pat Gallagher said in a speech Wednesday during an event at NIST headquarters, as reported by InformationWeek. “The roadmap will serve as our action plan, and we expect it not only to drive federal standards efforts, but because our needs are not unique in government, we think it will help the private sector as well.”

The roadmap pairs with pushes from the Obama administration for agencies to move to the cloud. Steven VanRoekel, federal chief information officer, defined the federal cloud strategy as containing four primary focus areas: agencies, people, procurement and cybersecurity.

“We have really viewed cloud computing as a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve how the government buys, uses, and thinks about IT services,” VanRoekel said. “And with pressure on reduced spending and citizens who are stepping up in terms of what they expect from government, that’s putting pressure on government to deliver more with less.”

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