GSA, Metro Discuss Relocating Agencies Near Transit Stops

Photo: Pavel Losevsky

By bus or by rail, Metro is the path of choice for many workers based in Washington and its inner suburbs. Now Metro wants to bring some federal agencies on board as well.

Metro’s board of directors will meet next month to consider a broad agreement with the General Services Administration that would outline how the federal government can obtain rights to rail stations in advance of large agency relocations, the Washington Post reported Sunday.

Steven Goldin, director of real estate at Metro, told Post reporter Jonathan O’Connell that he suggested the idea to GSA as a way to encourage development on unused Metro property.

“Metro wants to place its real estate in the path of opportunity,” Goldin said.

O’Connell reports the Metro sites included in the agreement are at the Anacostia, Branch Avenue, Huntington and Naylor Road stations.

The GSA is responsible for managing a large portion of the federal government’s real estate and agency relocations. The FBI has examined relocating from the J. Edgar Hoover Building, which is reportedly deteriorating.

“For us, it’s the opportunity to find transit-oriented sites for our agencies,” said Robert Peck, head of GSA’s public buildings service.

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