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House Panel Moves Forward ‘Mini-bus’ Spending Bill

Photo: Sergej Khackimullin

With overwhelming support, the House Appropriations Committee finally passed a spending bill Monday night to prevent a shutdown of federal funding of various government internal agencies and departments.

Committee members agreed in a 38-1 vote to pass the “mini-bus” legislation which makes possible for continued funding of the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development. The vote came just days before the Friday deadline in which federal funding was facing a halt.

The package includes a continuing resolution, which will fund the federal government until Dec. 16, or until Congress settles on the remaining nine spending bills for fiscal 2012. In addition, the CR does not include any new funding provisions.

“The legislation introduced today represents a bipartisan compromise that will prevent a potential government shutdown, support important programs and services that the American people rely on, and make hard but necessary cuts to help rein in the nation’s deficit,” said House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) in a statement.

As agreed in the Budget Control Act, the conference agreement for the three bills upholds a base discretionary level of $1.043 trillion, which is a decrease of $7 billion from last year.

Both the House and the Senate still must formally vote to approve the bills.

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