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OMB Says 23 of 24 Agencies Have Finances in Order

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The Office of Management and Budget recently announced financial books were in order at 23 of 24 applicable federal agencies for the first time in 20 years, as reported by Government Executive.

Ratings for the Department of Homeland Security are noted as qualified while the Pentagon is the only department who’s ratings hold a disclaimer.

Danny Werfel, controller of the Office of Federal Financial Management, wrote in an White House blog post that NASA made the most financial progress.

“This year, their efforts paid off and they moved from a position where the auditors could not express an opinion on their financial statements to a clean opinion,” said Werfel.

He went on to say the results of the auditing were not just about the numbers.

“They are about this administration’s commitment to watching every dollar that goes out the door and making sure that we have the proper controls, practices and safeguards in place on those dollars,” he said.

Werfel noted the Defense Department is showing improvements due to Secretary Leon Panetta‘s recent vow to accelerate the deadline for the Pentagon to be audited to 2014.

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