OPM’s New Snow Idea for Federal Workers: Stay at the Office

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January’s infamous snowstorm that paralyzed traffic in the Washington region, with some commuters staying on the road for more than 12 hours, led many in the region to ask how such chaos on the roads can be avoided again.

The Washington Post’s Lisa Rein reports the Office of Personnel Management will soon propose a new snow policy directing federal employees to either leave when OPM tells them to leave or stay at their offices until OPM says it is safe to leave.

Under current policy, OPM announces the federal government’s operating status at 4 a.m. The Post reports that on severe weather days, OPM Director John Berry will decide whether to open the government by 3 a.m. after consulting with local, state and federal officials. The agency is also considering staggered departure times.

“OPM has worked closely with the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments to address lessons learned and potential solutions in response to the snowstorm and subsequent gridlock arising from the January 26, 2010 snowstorm,” according to an OPM statement obtained by Federal News Radio.

The Post report says OPM would make a final decision on the policy by Wednesday.

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