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Transparency, eGov Funds a Big Question Mark

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Funding may be a question mark for domains like eGovernment and Gov 2.0, as budget bills threaten to house funds under a merged roof versus having differing sources of funding.

According to a recent report on Federal Computer Week, House lawmakers are urging senators to not make this the case with the passing of bills that would combine the flagship Electronic Government Fund with another fund.

Funding for Data.gov, USASpending.gov and information technology dashboards are under consideration in the recently issued administration policy, according to the Sunlight Foundation. While funding for eGov and federal citizen services would fall into one budget pool, officials at the Office of Management and Budget questioned how funds would be allocated, as reported by FCW.

These initiatives that officials are fighting for have previously received budget cuts from $34 million in 2010 down to $8 million in 2011. This year, it seems the transparency fund will be combined with the citizens services fund, with the distribution remaining unclear, according to FCW.

While there is no definitive answer of what this would mean for eGov funds, the Sunlight Foundation believes the cuts are bad, saying “many programs will be terminated.”

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